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Testimony Focuses on Cal Harris' Demeanor After Michele's Disappearance

By Beth Rousseau.
As testimony in the trial of Cal Harris enters week number 7 Harris family friends provide insight to Cal's demeanor in the weeks following his wife's disappearance.

Harris is accused of killing his estranged wife Michele, who disappeared in September 2001.

"business as usual" and "non emotional" this is how those surrounding Cal described his attitude following Michele's disappearance.

Monday family friend Linda Hyatt, recalled Cal showing no emotion while explaining to his children that their mother was missing.

However Hyatt does remember Cal becoming emotional just months earlier when discussing his and Michele's divorce.

Hyatt says that Cal was in tears when he asked her to convince Michele not to go through with the divorce.

Cal's high school friend John Caveny described Cal's demeanor in the days following the disappearance as business- like and says that weeks later when he confronted Cal about what had happened Cal responded "I'm your friend, I shouldn't have to tell you anything."

Monday Judge George Bartlett heard the Prosecutions counter argument to the defense team's request to introduce evidence which would shift the guilt of this crime to a third party.

Last week the defense outlined evidence they say points to Stacy Stewart and Christopher Thomason as the persons actually responsible for Michele's death.

Today Prosecutor Paul Clyne argued that the defense did not have any evidence of competent nature that would implicate either of those individual's in the disappearance of Michele Harris.

Judge Bartlett is expected to make a final ruling on whether or not this evidence will be allowed later this week.

Testimony is scheduled to continued Tuesday morning at 9:15
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