FRANKLYWNOW - Will Muslims in America Deal With Abuses Similar to Those in Chi

Will Muslims in America Deal With Abuses Similar to Those in China?

the recent attacks in San Bernardino, California and the memories of 9/11 are making some wonder if Muslims in America will deal with increased human rights abuses. This whether the idea is right or wrong. Will our policies toward Islam be similar to the policies of China?

To fully understand, we must first explore the way that other world power treats its millions of Muslims. Remember that China is a nation that is known for its ancient culture, bloody history and massive population. It is also known as a nation that is growing as an economic power with policy ideas that are influential worldwide. Few know of it as host to a sizable Muslim population.

According to Harry Wu a Chinese policy expert, "One of the provinces, the largest provinces in China is called Xinjiang. Probably 80-60 percent of people in Xinjiang is Islamic people."

China is ruled by a one party Communist system that strikes down on the free practice of religion. One of its favorite targets is Islam.

Wu says, "Chinese suppression is very serious. They kill a lot of Islamic people."

In China, charges are often trumped up against its Muslims. They are brought to a court where they have a 99 percent chance of being found guilty and often executed.

Incidents in America such as 9/11 or the apparent presence of ISIS have brought about anti-Muslim sentiment in America.

Meanwhile, China has never had a 9/11 type incident or seen the growth of ISIS.

Wu says, "Islamic people over there, basically they are peaceful."

Many might note that China's policies are influential in America. One example would be the idea of government regulation of the internet which was brought up in 2011. It smacked of China's internet censorship policy known as "The Great Firewall."

Wu says, "the Internet is run by the government, the government can control. They run everyone on the internet the Chinese way."

Would the us borrow Chinese policy ideas of abusing the human rights of the American Muslim population should we have more extremist terrorist attacks? One presidential candidate seems to be speaking about laying the groundwork for this idea.

Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate this week said, "Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States, until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on!"

Does this idea of cracking down on Muslims violate traditional American freedoms? We will talk with residents of the Southern Tier and visit Islamberg, New York to hear what reaction we receive.

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