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 Well, it's the big day: April 24, the day the Apple Watch is supposed to start landing on the wrists of the faithful — the faithful who preordered. Some of them, anyway.
If you're among them, you'll quickly discover that this watch's operating system has many visual and gestural similarities to the software on the iPhone. But overall, the navigation and features are very different.
And so, to help you dive into the splendors of your new acquisition — and for all the curious bystanders — I offer you Pogue's Top Tips for the Apple Watch. These are the little goodies Apple has buried in the watch's software but never really told anybody about.
Many of these rely on the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. It's a fairly unsung app, with hundreds of settings to explore. And it has a lot of fodder for Top Tips.
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Tip 1: Magnify the text.
Just when you've gotten used to reading tiny type on the screen of a phone, now you're supposed to read email and news items on the screen of a watch.

Fortunately, the watch's small type need not be a barrier to your enjoyment. In the iPhone app, don't miss the Brightness and Text Size and Bold options. As you drag the type-size slider, you see the font change on the watch in real time, wirelessly. Turning Bold on or off, however, requires you to restart the watch.image

Tip 2. You can zoom.

If things on the watch are still too small, you can zoom in! Turn on zoom on the iPhone app in General ? Accessibility.

From now on, using two fingers, you can double-tap to zoom in, drag to scroll the magnified view, or double-tap/drag to zoom in and out. (That is, with two fingers, tap twice — but on the second tap, leave the fingers down and drag up or down.)

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