5 Reasons Why Being Sick Sucks for Everyone Else

5. Spreading your germs.......Okay, this one is a given. While sick, we have all these germs just busting to jump from every orifice to infect anyone and everyone else in your general vicinity. Unfortunately for your significant other, this means they are going to have to really do their best to keep YOUR germs at bay. Easier said than done!

4. The Will You Game.....You know the game. As your cold or flu begins to really jerk you into their world, all you want to do is lay in bed, helpless. EVERY sentence out of your mouth begins with "will you…"? Will you get me some juice? Will you get me my medicine? Will you get me some tissue? Will you get me some corn flakes?  The non-stop will you's can lead to a trip on the crazy train! Just remember that pretty soon, those same question will be directed back at you, if their smart, 10 fold!

3. Time travel is possible while sick, but only for dudes I really think this one pertains more to the male population. For some strange reason when a guy gets a case of the blahs, he immediately is transported to an earlier time in his development. Talking with your man at this stage is like interacting with a baby. Unfortunately, playing with alien zombies would be more fun than being with your baby right now.

2. Bodily fluids really are gross, especially if they're not your own Have you ever watched any one of the numerous shows on the Discovery channel about addicts? Have you ever looked at your self in the mirror while in the middle of battling a cold or flu? Or better yet, your significant other as they are deep in the throws of sickness? That's right, same o, same o! You get the picture.

1. Yea, it's a party alright, unfortunately it's no Cinco de Mayo party, it's a pity party from hell. The problem isn't so much the incessant complaining about coughing, aching, insomnia, upset stomach, or any of a hundred other complaints. It's the fact that as the significant other, it becomes almost a duty to become the empathy sounding board.

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