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Why is No One Using Bing?

Over the years, Microsoft has been getting a bad rep from many mainstream consumers - it has essentially become the IBM of 2000s. Microsoft is trying to get every corner of the technology market that they think they can reach out to. This includes email, webmail, web browsers, word processors, gaming, mobile phones, personal portable players, and an Internet search engine.

In the past, it seemed like no one even touched their Internet search engine. In fact, it has gone through several iterations. There's MSN search, Live Search, and now Bing. These weren't just moves by Microsoft because they just felt they wanted to change the name - it was a rebranding, and hopefully a rebirth of their search engine that they have put so much time and effort into. So now that their search engine is in its third iteration, is it any good? And if it is, why aren't people using it?

Using Bing is a totally different experience from that of its main competitor Google. Bing's homepage has random stunning wallpapers with interesting facts abound. Get into searching for something and it actually works pretty intelligently. For example, just clicking into the search bar will drop down the most popular searches for the day. Search for a sports team and you will get their most recent scores for past games, their upcoming schedule, and when you can view the next game. On the side there is a list of related searches you can click on to refine your search, and below it is a history of searches that you have made making it always easy to find that search that lead you to an awesome link that you can remember.

Click on images, and you get a never-ending results page, which you can continue to scroll down as long as there are results. On the side you can refine your image search through size, layout, color, style, and whether there are actually people in the photo.

If you advance on to videos, you can then pull up videos from not only many different sites, but also get a preview of each video as you hover over them.

I could go on and on about Bing's features, but it's way more effective you experience it yourself - and besides, I am getting a little bit off track here.

So with all these amazing features, why is no one using Bing?

Some might say that Google innovates the newest things in search engine technology. It hasn't. In fact, many of the features that Google now adds as a new feature to their search engine is something Bing already had.

The popularity of Google and Apple products seems to be more like a referendum on Microsoft - because when most people think of Microsoft, they are particularly thinking of their operating system - Windows. Windows has gone through many changes over time and has learned from its mistakes. However, with Windows Vista not too far back in the past, and just really poor advertising for Bing - can anyone make sense of that vampire commercial - Bing has just been on the losing side in the market.

What is really keeping Bing afloat and is increasing their market share in the search engine market is really the exclusivity deals it has signed up with certain companies such as Verizon - where the native search engine is Bing.

Bing, somehow, needs to break through that mold that some weak versions of Windows has made. Bing needs definitely better marketing strategies. Perhaps the one thing Bing really needs to distance itself from - is the fact that its from Microsoft.

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