Why I LOVE In-Earbuds

The ultimate in portable sound quality The ultimate in portable sound quality

I consider myself a bit of an audiophile. I am concerned with the type of file format the music is recorded in, what the bit rate is, and most importantly, what I am listening to it through. In the very beginning, I thought earbuds were great - they were more than great, they were awesome! Lightweight, unintrusive and it hardly puts a dent into your wallet. What more could you ask?

I was content, and then I got interested in what these in-earbuds sounded like. Why were people buying them and why did it look so strange - most of all, what are people paying anywhere from 2 to 200 times the price of a regular earbud? I didn't make sense to me at all. However, there had to be a reason, and so I listened to a pair, and what a world of difference they made.

The sound was rich, crisp and clear, and it still had the lightweight feeling of regular earbuds. The intrusive of the in-earbuds were for a good reason - for the first time, in a long time, I was able to hear all the different notes and subtleties that I had missed. I also didn't have to put my sound to its highest setting because the rest of the world was already blocked out. It was like being immersed in a world of sound.

Now I know what you might say to me - why not just go with some headphones instead? There are great ones out there, maybe even miles ahead in terms of great quality compared to the in-earbuds you are listening with now. That may be true, but the heft and lack of portability of headphones just doesn't work for me. I cant imagine where I would put my headphones if I was getting off a long train ride and meeting up a friend. Having them hanging from my neck is just annoying. Also carrying a bag around just so that I can put it somewhere is equally as annoying. Also, not to mention that the headphones are considerably higher priced, which I just don't have the expendable income.

All in all, I will leave you with this. If you are listening to music just through your stock iPod earbuds you are doing yourself an injustice, and you would be a fool to think those earbuds are giving you a great music experience.

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