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QA - Strobe Lights 2 - Tarek Story

A blonde had just totaled her car in a horrific accident.
Miraculously, she managed to pry herself from the wreckage without a scratch and
was applying fresh lipstick when the state trooper arrived.
"My God!" the trooper gasped. "Your car looks like an accordion that was stomped on by an elephant.
Are you OK ma'am?"
"Yes, officer, I'm just fine" the blonde chirped.
"Well, how in the world did this happen?" the officer asked as he surveyed the wrecked car.
"Officer, it was the strangest thing!" the blonde began.
I was driving along this road when from out of nowhere this TREE pops up in front of me.
So I swerved to the right, and there was another tree!
I swerved to the left and there was ANOTHER tree!
I served to the right and there was another tree!
I swerved to the left and there was …."
"Uh, ma'am", the officer said, cutting her off, "There isn't a tree on this road for 30 miles.
That was your air freshener swinging back and forth."

Three unemployed blondes were out shoppping one day when they found an oil lamp in an antique store.
Together they began rubbing it and miraculously,a genie appeared. ‘I will grant you as much intelligence as you desire, 'said the geni.
‘Wow, 'said the first blonde ‘i would like to be ten times smarter then I am now,'and in a flash the genie granted her the wish.
The next day then blonde got a job as a teacher.
‘Hmmm said the second blonde.I would like to be twenty times smarter. Your wish is my command said the genie as he blinked his eyes and granted her wish. The next day she found a job as a nuclear physicist.
Well said the third blonde.I would like thing the way they are now.I dont have to go to a job and think all the time…if anything i would rather be ten times dumber right ok said the genie and The next day she woke up and found she was a man..

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