WorldNow - Burke says she would work to repeal ultrasound abortion law

Burke says she would work to repeal ultrasound abortion law

MADISON (WKOW) -- Mary Burke isn't making many promises or committments about what she would do as Governor, but its clear she would work to overturn some of the abortion-related laws Republicans put in place earlier this year.

Burke is the featured guest on Capitol City Sunday this weekend and says she would seek to repeal the law signed by Governor Walker earlier this year, which requires a woman to have a transvaginal ultrasound before obtaining an abortion.

"I think its important for women to make their own health choices in consultation with their doctor and according to their religious beliefs, so, yes, I would want to see that," said Burke.

But Burke was very non-committal on other issues.  She says jobs continue to be the top priority for voters that she meets around the state, but provided few specifics for how she would stimulate job growth if elected.

"We can do that by building on the good things that we already have here in Wisconsin, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism high-tech, forest products, these are all strong things here in Wisconsin," said Burke.

The Madison Metropolitan School Board member also didn't commit to a position on taxes or on whether or not she would work to repeal Act 10.

"As Governor I'd want to make sure we are moving forward.  We have to have a qualified, committed workforce in our public sector and that can happen through collective bargaining.  But we have to make sure that our workers are respected, that they're treated fairly," said Burke.

Burke seems to share at least one common viewpoint with Gov. Walker, saying she too would need more information before making a yes or no decision on the Menominee Tribe's proposed Kenosha casino.

"I would want to have further analysis to look and say do we have saturation in the market or is there actually potential to grow this and grow additional jobs," said Burke.

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