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Walworth Co. officials warn of home scams

WALWORTH COUNTY (WKOW) -- The Walworth County Sheriff's Department is warning homeowners of a new scam.

Officials say in the last 24 hours, they have had two separate incidents where county homeowners were targeted for theft and/or robbery. 

In both incidents, subject(s) in pick up trucks pulled into the driveways of the homeowners and requested to provide some type of service for them for a fee. Officials say the trucks were described as a gray 2003 Chevy Silverado with a ladder rack and a newer model Dodge pickup truck.

The services being offered may include painting the home, yard clean-up, sealing the driveway, and even lightning rod inspection on the roof of the home. Officials say during the "inspection" or "estimate" another suspect will attempt to gain entry to the home and take valuables while the homeowner is engaged with the other suspect(s). 

Elderly homeowners or those living alone appear to be the targets. Officials say it's because the suspects have easier access to the home. Many times the victim will not know of the theft until they happen to go into a jewelry box or chest of drawers many days later.

Sheriff David Graves is asking all citizens of Walworth County to remain vigilant for these types of scams. Officials say, while there are legitimate businesses who do perform some of these types of services, they generally do not go door to door to generate business.

If you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood please call 262-741-4400. Officials say to share this information with your neighbors/friends/relatives, especially those who may be elderly or live alone.

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